Our Mission: to increase the public's awareness of corneal dystrophy, a potentially blinding disease affecting the transparent front part of the eye.

Corneal Dystrophies are eye conditions in which the  cornea thickens and becomes cloudy, which causes blurring and distortion of vision.  Corneal Dystrophies often cause excruciating pain.

The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation provides support, information for corneal dystrophy patients. We do this through several channels in addition to this website:

  • The  Fuchs Friends online support group.                                    
  • The Cornea Transplant online support group
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Local Support Group meetings.
  • Bi-annual Corneal Dystrophy Conferences for patients.
  • Free Literature.
  • Instructional DVDs   

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News flash!  Since July 14, 2015, over 255 of our Fuchs’ Dystrophy Online Support Group Members, the UK Fuchs’ Friends Group and others have volunteered their genetic material for a current study on Fuchs’ Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy in progress at Shiley Eye Institute, University of California at San Diego.  They will be interviewed by staff there and a Saliva Kit will be sent to them to provide genetic material for the study.
If you have been diagnosed with Fuchs’ Dystrophy and are interested in participating,
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All donations go towards sustaining our current programs and working on implementation and roll out of new programs to help raise awareness among the public and to help patients become more informed about their corneal dystrophies.

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